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New Places

Well, Korea so far has been…interesting. Pretty much nothing is what I expected, least of all my unit and the job I’m doing. So much for being a medic, let’s go work in the S1 shop! Whoohoo. But, I like most of the people in my unit, and it’s pretty relaxed. It’s awesome to NOT be with a bunch of fresh-out-of-high-school kids (I’m one of the youngest).

My husband is still in the US. 😦 Trying to get the paperwork done for him to come here is like pulling teeth. The VA is less than helpful, on just about anything, it would seem.

I haven’t done a whole lot in Korea. Went downtown a bit, tried some amazing Korean BBQ, went up north to Camp Casey with a girl from my unit to visit her husband…it’s really different, which of course was expected, I just didn’t expect to be so homesick for little things.



First look at Seoul…


Spring here was beautiful. Little random gardens are everywhere.

072 075 077This was the restaurant sign. I still can’t quite understand how they think seeing the animals the meat you’re about to eat came from is appetizing…but the food is delicious anyway!

May Phone Pics 001

We went to a ziplining course, that had this beautiful garden. It was huge.

May Phone Pics 007

Ginkgo tree? I think?

May Phone Pics 003

I’m not sure what this is called, besides a pork loin…but it was fabulous. I love how pretty they made it. I didn’t eat the flowers though. 😛


Are We There Yet?

Well, I was starting to think flights didn’t work the way they used to. You know, where you fly from point A to point B to point C, all the while getting closer to your final destination.

I can’t even imagine the hassle it was to get tickets for all of us with less than 24 hours notice, but it was nothing but chaos when we got to the Charleston airport. We were almost late for our flight, that 7 of us were supposed to board…but only 3 reservations had gone through. Luckily I was one of those – I’m really not sure I could have put up with another night in the hotel. We hauled butt down to the gate, with only 20 minutes to spare, but turns out the pilot had noticed an expired inspection sticker on the plane’s fire extinguisher. No can do, he said. Has to be reinspected before takeoff, he said. Shouldn’t be long, he said.

Almost 4 hours later, during which time we missed our connecting flight from Dulles to Oklahoma, we boarded. Got to Dulles, of course there weren’t any other flights until the next day (today), so they put us up in a hotel…we got lost in the airport, got to ride the shuttle train (which was THE best part of the whole trip, I was so excited that we had to get back on it this morning, even if it was only 4 am), and the hotel was the nicest one I’d ever stayed in and I didn’t have to share a room! Other than being starved and frozen, it wasn’t too bad. At least until the alarm went off at 3 this morning.

Finally we weren’t rushed for time, but even though we boarded on time we were late leaving because the plane had to be de-iced and it took forever. We were taxiing into Cleveland at 815 and our next plane left at 836. Yeah…we’d given it up as a lost cause but ran for it anyway and actually made it. I was starting to think maybe it just wasn’t meant for me to go to Oklahoma! That plane was late taking off too, and had to be sprayed with enough de-icer fluid to completely ruin the view out the windows for the 2+ hour flight.

Alls well that ends well though, right? We’re waiting on someone from Ft. Sill to pick us up now. I’m feeling a little nervous again but I’m so ready to get this show on the road.

Might be able to update this again during reception but I doubt it. Really worried this entire week of delays is going to push graduation and AIT dates way back. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. I’m going to try to send my little brother some letters to post for me during Basic. 😉 No promises though, I think I’m going to be pretty busy.

The view out my window at Cleveland this morning.