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Apparently staring at my phone and wishing hard did some good, because late Monday evening I got a phone call from my recruiter.

All the paperwork is sorted, and I go back to MEPS this coming Monday to sign the final contract. Finally. But there was one little catch.

“Yeah, they want to change your ship date,” he said.

Oh no. More delays. Sigh.

“To January instead of February.”

Uhh, what? Holy cow. I nearly fell over. Everything I’d been planning involved leaving at the end of February. Time to pack, arrange for bills, sell my truck, say goodbye…and now they want to knock a month off my preparation time.

Really not sure I’m ready for that. On one hand, a month isn’t really that big of a deal. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Now it just feels like I’m being a sissy. But on the other hand…I was counting on a few more weeks to spend with my family and friends. This also means turning in notice at my job next week. Which also makes this feel a whole lot closer and a whole lot more permanent. Of course I already knew it was permanent…just quitting my job makes me feel really nervous. But, it has to be done regardless, so…

Decisions, decisions.



Still in limbo with the paperwork snafu, and I’m about to go nuts. Talked to my recruiter yesterday and now he says I should know something by the end of this coming week, but he doesn’t know if the delay will affect when I get to leave or if the 68W will still be open. And if it’s not…that’s definitely going to mean a big delay. I am so NOT a patient person.

Trying not to borrow trouble here, but I’m already beyond irritated, frustrated, and just a little angry at myself for waiting this long in the first place. I just want the papers officially signed and done.