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And the Verdict Is…

I survived!!! Not only survived but I’m still standing and am now NREMT qualified.

That’s about all my poor, depleted, exhausted brain can come up with right now. I have NOTHING to study for this weekend, so I plan to sleep for most of it. 😉 Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes and positive thoughts…I know I couldn’t have made it through this week without them!


Almost There

8 exams down, 1 to go…so far I’m keeping my head above water but sometimes it feels like just barely! Tomorrow morning we take the National Registry written exam. No PT though, so an extra hour of sleep (or study, for the either very desperate or very thorough).

Short Night Long Week

It’s 1:30 a.m., I still haven’t been to sleep, and I have to be up at 5:15. Perfect. I knew I shouldn’t have had that coffee when we went to get pizza. Oh well. I reviewed for the test, talked to my love, and read some of a new book. And at least it’s 5:15, not the normal 4:15, and we don’t have PT (which makes the entire day feel like a day off, to me). Not a good way to start off this very long week, with the final exam tomorrow, skills testing the next 3 days, and then the national board exam on Friday.

I’m reading Becoming Odyssa, by Jennifer Pharr Davis. I love books about journeys, real or imagined, but as I’ve grown older the real ones call much louder. The Appalachian Trail has fascinated me since I was just a little girl, as my grandparents lived “over the hill and through the holler” from where it lies on Peter’s Mountain in West Virginia. I’m only on the 3rd chapter of the book, but I already feel like I can relate to Odyssa in this journey of my own.

Which reminds me – Carolyn from Taking One Stitch At a Time nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you very much Carolyn, it’s very sweet of you. I’ll fulfill the rest of the list for the award later, but I wanted to say thanks before too much time went by. 🙂

Now if only I could get some sleep…