Monthly Archives: June 2016

Things to Miss

Just little things I didn’t appreciate, at all, until I moved to Korea (and this blog has been soon sadly neglected…but I just didn’t have the motivation/content to write).

  • bookstores with English books
  • the Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies from the B&N cafe (yep, bookstores on the brain)
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • real 2-day shipping from Amazon
  • not constantly checking my watch if we’re out at night (Korea wide has a 0100 curfew)
  • Old Navy
  • shoes in my size that are FEMALE
  • stop signs
  • Starburst jelly beans (someone recently was SO AWESOME and sent me two bags!)
  • full-size ovens
  • thunderstorms
  • swimming pools
  • Smith Mountain Lake
  • a GOOD library!
  • people waiting in line (Americans are getting worse at it, but Koreans definitely have the market on rude-assery in “line” cornered)
  • road trips
  • clothes in colors other than white, gray, and black
  • not feeling like a giant

Next time I’ll try to make a list of things I’ll miss about Korea.