That Training Life

I have one thing to say about AIT: they keep you so busy you don’t have time to think about much else! Besides Basic, I’ve never had so little free time. It’s not stressful in the same way Basic was, but the run-run-run pace of every day and the huge information dump is a whole new brand of stress. We’ve had a few people wash out already, and after our next (4th) test, more will be academically recycled if their GPA isn’t high enough by then.

We have to be in formation at 0435 for accountabiity, and PT starts at about 0500. We go straight to breakfast from PT (marching past the Air Force and Navy barracks that are just maybe-kinda-sorta thinking about waking up), all nasty and sweaty. Then at about 0700 we get back to our barracks for a shower and uniform change before forming up to march to class at 0750. Class is from about 0815 to 1715 every day. Then we march to dinner, and FINALLY get back to our barracks around 1900, if we’re lucky. Final formation at 2000 (the purpose of which I have yet to understand since we JUST HAD end of day formation an hour or less before…but whatever). Then we have our own time, however long we can stay awake to study in our rooms. I’m usually in bed by 2200, since I’m one of those people that just. can’t. function. on much less than 6 hours of sleep. I don’t know how some of these people are doing it, staying up till midnight or later. Personally I think it’s counterproductive. You might be studying, but your brain doesn’t work as well and at that point you’re no longer raising your GPA. My theory seems to be right, at least in part, because I see a lot of our night owls failing exams. Of course there are other factors in that, but you better believe I’m getting my 6 hours of sleep every night I can.

In case you’re wondering, I only had time to write this because today’s class was CPR, which I’ve had about 6 times since high school. Kinda nice to have a night “off.”


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