Off We Go

A few days late, but we’re off regardless.

I got to the Beckley MEPS on Monday, only to be told that night that MEPS would be closed Tuesday due to weather conditions. So, along with about 30 other shippers, I spent most of that day and all of the next day bored out of my mind. Too much time to think about all the stuff that’s coming in the next few weeks. But, I had a nice roommate and we survived.

Wednesday morning MEPS ran on a 2 hour delay, so we just got to sleep in a little longer (which was great). The weather was still kind of nasty…we had ended up with about 4-5 inches of snow and some ice, and the temp hadn’t risen above 7 or 8 degrees by the time we left. Everyone piled onto a Greyhound style bus and we took off…only for the bus to get stopped at the bottom of a hill near the MEPS building. Near, but you still couldn’t actually see the building. “Sorry kids, but you’re gonna have to walk.”

Did I mention most of us were leaving for parts south and had nothing more than tennis shoes and hoodies? So we walked about half a mile in ice/snow, carrying our bags…which, yes of course we’ll have to do in training, but at least there we would have had some warmer clothes. By the time we got to the building we could barely feel our ears and fingers, but we made it. One girl passed out almost as soon as she got inside (guess who DIDN’T get to go anywhere?), but other than that it was great.

Got inside only to be told the doctor HADN’T made it and we would have to go BACK to the hotel for another night. So after hours of waiting for one minivan to make multiple trips back to get us all, we got back. It started snowing again, and everyone moaned and groaned about how bored they were and how badly they wanted to leave. The nervousness about Basic and everything else seemed to have disappeared in all the free time we’d had, everyone just wanted TO DO SOMETHING.

More processors came in that night, mostly high school juniors and seniors taking the ASVAB and getting their physical. Since we’d checked out of the hotel that morning we got new roommates – my second roommate sucked. I swear that girl brought more makeup for a one night stay than I even own. And she insisted we sleep with a lap on. AND she needed extra time to get ready in the morning, so her alarm went off at 5:50…and every 5 minutes after. I could hear her moaning and tossing around but she never did get up, so at 6:30 I gave up on more sleep and went to take a shower. You snooze and wake up your roommate in the process, you’re definitely gonna lose.

So this morning we were up to 75 people going to MEPS, and they were still running on a 2 hour delay. They brought in 2 buses to hold everyone, and thankfully everyone made it, including the doctor. Paperwork is done, flights are scheduled, everyone is sworn in, orders are in hand, we’re ready to go!

So yeah…basically this whole week has been practicing “hurry up and wait.” I don’t even feel that nervous anymore, just ready to get this done. Or at least started.


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